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TREPSEA Conferences

Addressing transdisciplinary approach research and practice on important issues of environmental problems from scientists, researchers, private sectors, government officers and social workers from many countries.

nternational Conference of the Transdisciplinary Research on Environmental Problems in Southeast Asia is holding every two years since 2014. The conference is serving as an arena for stimulating academic exercise and policy dialogues on trans-disciplinary dimensions of environmental problems in Southeast Asia, primarily on the themes of managing ecological risk, disaster mitigation, environmental conservation, food and nutritional security, social and economic welfare, and other related issues in sustainable development in general.

TRPNEP Seminars

ASEAN – Japan Meeting Point of Collaboration by Stakeholders and Researchers for Reducing Environmental Problems in ASEAN Countries known TRPNEP seminars held every year since 2018

e would like to welcome you all to join this seminar as a meeting point for social integration and collaboration between Japan and ASEAN members: key stakeholders, government officials, students, scientists and researchers with different disciplines to share their experience and concerns related to the reduction of environmental and health problems.

Medical Seminars & Workshops

Medical Seminars on Human Health Impact of Heavy Metals

e holds medical seminars to share the information of Minamata disease and current challenges, and also discuss the diseases related to the consequence of heavy metals intoxication. It is the opportunity for you to begin an ongoing dialogue among health care professionals and scientists and researchers with a range of medical experiences and ask them to share their experience and concerns related to heavy metals intoxication.