Japanese Museum Curator Visited Popa-Eyato Museum, to Research the Geopark Potential

English Translation

Japanese Museum Curator Visited Popa-Eyato Museum, to Research the Geopark Potential

AZKAYRA NM | Thursday, 06 February 2020 – 09:17 AM (Gorontalo Time Zone)

Geopark is an integrated area that is at the forefront of protecting and using geological heritage in a sustainable way and promoting the economic well-being of the people who live there.

The Gorontalo Provincial Government consistently and sustainably continues to make various efforts to accelerate the proposal for geosite potential spread across regencies/cities as local geoparks and national geoparks.

In this regard, the Gorontalo Museum received a visit from Mr. Hisanari Sugawara, Curator of the Museum/ two Geopark Areas in Japan.

“This visit was conducted to obtain information, input, and suggestions from all stakeholders regarding the potential for geodiversity, biodiversity, and cultural diversity in identified geosite locations. The target is that every potential Geosite can be designated as a Local Geopark by the middle of this year. And it is planned that at the end of this year or early next year, it can be proposed as a National Geopark,” said Tity Iriani Datau, Head of Research and Development of the Gorontalo Province Bappeda when accompanying the team to see the collection of artifacts in the Popa Eyato Archaeological Museum of Gorontalo.

During this visit, the Head of the Technical Service Section of the Archaeological Museum of Gorontalo Province, Sukriyanto Suleman said that support from all parties was needed. The follow-up periodic visits of this team will continue to accelerate the development of Geoparks in Gorontalo Province, and obviously, this requires the synergy of programs and activities of OPD Partners, district/city governments, universities, and other institutions.