Study on Mercury Contamination in Water and sediment Samples Along the Rivers

The issues of safety water become the most serious topic in the world at the present moment because of numerous environmental pollution problems. The rivers are used as a source of water by inhabitants living along the river, due to the lack of another clean water supply. Artisanal small-scale gold mine (ASGM) activities near the rivers and the use of the excessive amount of mercury to extract the gold contaminated the river water. One of the studies in our SRIREP project is to investigate the concentration of heavy metal pollution from the mining site alongside the rivers. Water and sediment samples were collected from ASGM and along Bone River to the delta. The concentrations of As, Hg, and Pb in water samples were identified by inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy (ICP–MS), while concentrations in sediment samples were determined by particle-induced X-ray emission (PIXE).

Various studies had been conducted in Gorontalo, Indonesia. One of our studies entitled A Case Study of Heavy Metal Pollution in Water of Bone River by Artisanal Small-Scale Gold Mine Activities in Eastern Part of Gorontalo, Indonesia had been published as an article. For more information about this research, please visit here to see the full research paper and its results.