One-Day Joint Seminar was held at RIHN

On July 25, 2023, the SRIREP Project, Future Earth and Fair Frontiers Project of the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN), and the Sekolah Ilmu Lingkungan Universitas Indonesia (SIL UI) held a one-day seminar titled ” Environmental Challenges and Transdisciplinary Perspectives in Indonesia: Involvement of Communities, Improvement of Livelihood, and Environmental Protection” wherein representatives presented and shared information and their experiences on social and environmental issues, transdisciplinary approaches to community practice, etc. at Lecture Hall of Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN), Kyoto, Japan.

Professor Kenichi Abe, RIHN and Professor Kosuke Mizuno, University of Indonesia took part as moderators along with Master of Ceremony, Mr. Myo Han Htun, Research Assistant of SRIREP Project.

First of all, Professor Masayuki Sakakibara, Project Leader of SRIREP Project gave a welcome speech to the audience. Dr. Dony Abdul Chalid then delivered the “Representative Speech” on behalf of Sekolah Ilmu Lingkungan Universitas Indonesia (SIL UI).

Second, Dr. Ria Lambino, International Exchange Office, RIHN, delivered her presentation titled “Transdisciplinary Approach, Future Earth and TERRA School,” followed by Dr. Win Thiri Kyaw, Sub-Leader of SRIREP Project, presented on the summary of SRIREP project titled “Co-Creation of Sustainable Regional Innovation for Reducing the Risk of High-Impact Environmental Pollution.” Dr. Metaragakusuma Andi Patiware then delivered a presentation titled “Introducing Transdiciplinary Community of Practices (TDCOPs) in Tackling Socio-Environmental Issues in Gorontalo, Indonesia,” which is considered one of the most active TDCOPs of the SRIREP Project.

Senior researcher with the Fair Frontiers Project at RIHN, Dr. Dhiaulhaq Ahmad, gave presentation titled “Fair for Whom? Politics, Power, and Precocity in Tropical Forest-Agriculture Frontier Transformations”, following the presentations of SRIREP project members in succession.

Thirdly, representative members: 1) Dr. Mahpud Sujai, Fiscal Policy Agency, Indonesian Ministry of Finance; 2) Dr. Ahmad Redi, Postgraduate Program, Universitas Borobudur, Indonesia 3) Mohammad Jhanattan, M.I. Kom., 4) Ir. Fachruddin Tukuboya, M.M., 5) Mochamad Agung Sasongko, M.M., and 6) Analissa Huwaina, M. Si. of Sekolah Ilmu Lingkungan Universitas Indonesia (SIL UI) presented their presentations.

Dr. Hayati Sari Hasibuan, S.T., M.T., then gave a “Representative Speech” on behalf of SIL UI, followed by Dr. Win Thiri Kyaw, Sub-Leader of the SRIREP Project, who expressed her appreciation to the participants and their enthusiasm for the presentations as the seminar’s closing address.