Meeting among Ecotourism TDCOP Group members

On Saturday, July 9, 2022, at 1:00 p.m., Professor Masayuki Sakakibara, Pak Budi Sidiki (Bappeda Gorontalo Province), and Dr. Yayu Indriastu Arifin met with the Ecotourism TDCOP group. The group performed DIBA (religious song with rebana accompaniment) (UNG), which is an essential component of the Dulanga Beach Geosite. The Dulanga beach is recognized as the location of salt production in Gorontalo, and with the collaboration of stakeholders, it has the potential to be revitalized as a significant tourist attraction. The group said that sports and camping activities are highly recommended to attract visitors since those activities are the defining characteristics of tourist sites. Moreover, the inhabitants of Dulanga and Bubohu expect travelers to visit their local tourist destinations (Masjid Walima emas; Rumah Yotama and Tree fossil museum). Currently, there are no activities that connect Dulanga beach to other tourist sites. Likewise, the fish and seafood restaurants are not yet open; according to the participants, fishermen sell their catch only to consumers.