Conducting a series of Karawo Training Programs

Karawo school was formed with the intention of teaching people with no prior knowledge and experience of Karawo Ikat. The purposively selected participants come from Suwawa village, which is very close to the ASGM site in Bone Bolango Regency. The chosen individuals were those who were conscientiously willing to protect the surrounding environment by contributing to the reduction of mercury pollution. They no longer want their families to be involved in ASGM activities and have a strong desire to increase their capacity and skills to support their household’s economy and well-being. (written in the conference paper of JASID held 3 Dec 2022 in Meiji Univ. Tokyo) The series of training programs had been conducted on 21st October 2022, 5th November 2022, and 5th January 2023.

Training Program Part 1: on 21st October 2022 

Training Program Part 2: on 5th November 2022 


Training Program Part 3: on 5th January 2023