Project Activities

Transdisciplinary Practical Research

The Bombana Field Research for Transdisciplinary Practical Research

Mining workers need alternative job opportunities to quite out from the economic trap of the ASGM sector while simultaneously reduce the negative effects of mercury pollution. The stakeholder assessment indicated that the Bombana Health Department, the Bombana Environment Agency, and local leaders were stakeholders who would support the mercury emission reduction program.

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Health Assessment Studies

Health Assessments in ASGM Communities

The evaluation of mercury impact on humans is necessary especially for the communities living in or near ASGM areas. The early diagnosis of mercury toxicity is one of the most important monitoring parameters to prevent the effects of mercury-intoxication

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Who We Are

A group of scientists, researchers, and specialists from different disciplines have been conducting transdisciplinary approach research and practice of various studies in collaboration with different stakeholders to co-create the sustainable regional innovation for reducing the risk of high-impact environmental pollution and poverty problem as well as the wellbeing of the ASGM communities in Indonesia and Myanmar.

Where Do We Study

We are conducting the project’s case studies on the reduction of Hg pollution using a future scenario of ASGM areas in the following areas in Indonesia for the past years and recently initiating the same studies in Myanmar in collaboration with various key stakeholders. 

What Research Outputs We Have

The outcomes of various research studies related to environmental impact assessments, socioeconomic, cultures, history, and regional sociology, etc resulted as publications, presentations, lectures, etc. in International and local journals, seminars, conference for the past years.

For any inquiries call us: (+81) 075-707-2357 (Japanese) & 075-707-2344 (English)